Singapore is among the most developed countries in Asia and is a top pick for millions of travelers in the Asian region. Whether you’re planning a trip to Singapore or anywhere else in the world, one of your initial considerations should be how to stay connected to the internet for communication and accessing essential services like navigation during your travels.

Fortunately, Singapore boasts a robust internet infrastructure and multiple local carriers supporting cutting-edge technologies like eSIM and 5G Internet. However, selecting a reliable eSIM Singapore provider is crucial for the best connectivity experience while in Singapore. When choosing a Singaporean eSIM provider, it’s essential to consider factors such as coverage, pricing, and the ease of activating and using the eSIM.

To simplify your decision-making process, this article will highlight the best eSIM Singapore providers in Singapore that you should consider for your upcoming trip. By the end of this article, you’ll have a clear idea of which eSIM provider and plan suit your specific needs. So, without any further ado, let’s dive right in!

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Summary of Best eSIM Singapore

ProviderNotable FeaturesPrice Range (USD)
ESIM SINGAPOREExtensive nationwide coverage, strong carrier partnerships, efficient customer support, easy activation, and multinational plans$2.29 – $34.99
HolaflyExtensive global coverage, unlimited data and calls, and seamless activationFrom $19
AiraloExtensive global coverage, collaboration with major providers, dedicated app, mixed user reviews$4.5 – $26
NomadCoverage in 165+ countries, budget-friendly, user-friendly app, and Sintel partnership$7.00 – $30.00
SimOptionsGlobal coverage in 200+ countries, strong carrier partnerships, positive user reviews, privacy$7.90 – $64.90
5 Best eSIM Singapore Providers

Best eSIM Singapore for travelers

These are the best eSIM providers for travelers in Singapore.


ESIM SINGAPORE stands out as a leading provider of eSIM services designed for travelers exploring Singapore and several other countries. If you’re on the lookout for a reliable eSIM provider for your upcoming travels, ESIM SINGAPORE should certainly be at the top of your list. They offer a range of compelling features that make them a reliable choice. Firstly, ESIM SINGAPORE boasts extensive countrywide coverage, ensuring that you stay connected reliably throughout Singapore.

Additionally, their customer support is highly regarded by many travelers for its efficiency and effectiveness, providing assistance and answers to any queries or issues you may encounter. With ESIM SINGAPORE, the process of ordering your eSIM and getting it up and running takes less than five minutes. Upon selecting and ordering your preferred plan, they send you an email with a QR code. Scanning this code with your device activates your eSIM, allowing you to access the internet instantly.

ESIM SINGAPORE partners with some of the leading carriers in Singapore, ensuring that you enjoy fast 4G LTE coverage across the country, enhancing their overall internet experience. If you’re a frequent traveler, ESIM SINGAPORE offers multi-national plans, allowing you to use your eSIM in various countries, making it a versatile choice.

ESIM SINGAPORE also offers competitive pricing plans, allowing you to save significantly on your communication expenses while in Singapore. Lastly, they offer the convenience of purchasing your eSIM before your trip, making it hassle-free to start using the internet as soon as you land in Singapore.


As mentioned earlier, ESIM SINGAPORE offers both national and multinational plans that you can choose from depending on whether you intend to visit more countries beyond Singapore. Below are the details of the various products offered by ESIM SINGAPORE. Click the plan’s title to view the details on the website.

PlanData AmountValidityPrice (USD)
eSIM Singapore Fixed 3GB3GB7 days$6.99
eSIM Singapore Fixed 5GB5GB15 days$8.99
eSIM Singapore Fixed 7GB7GB15 days$10.99
eSIM Singapore Fixed 10GB10GB20 days$13.99
eSIM Singapore Unlimited LiteUnlimited1 to 30 days$11.99 to $37.99
eSIM Singapore Unlimited BasicUnlimited1 to 30 days$17.99 to $55.99
eSIM Singapore Unlimited ProUnlimited1 to 30 days$25.99 to $77.99
eSIM Sing-My-Thai UnlimitedUnlimited1 to 30 daysFrom $3.29
eSIM Asia-Australia-USA6GB+10 days$15.99
eSIM Asia UnlimitedUnlimited8, 12, 15, 30 daysFrom $16.99
eSIM Global UnlimitedUnlimited1 to 30 daysFrom $3.99

Tip: If you’re not sure which eSIM plan is right for you, contact Best Singapore eSIM for further assistance. They will kindly recommend you the best suitable eSIM!

2. Holafly

Holafly is a reputable and dependable eSIM provider catering to travelers in Singapore and beyond. With an impressive track record of over 22,800 reviews averaging 4.7/5 stars on TrustPilot, Holafly has established itself as a trusted choice. What sets Holafly apart is its extensive coverage, not limited to Singapore but also encompassing countries such as the US, Japan, Canada, Thailand, South Africa, and more.

Unlike some eSIM providers, Holafly offers plans that include unlimited data and calls, ensuring travelers stay connected without constraints. The process of obtaining a Holafly eSIM is seamless, involving ordering and activating the eSIM once you receive the QR code in your email. Importantly, no personal information sharing or contract signing is required for plan activation, enhancing user convenience.

Holafly eSIM Singapore Pricing

Holafly offers several unlimited data plans that vary in price depending on validity. Below is the summary of their pricing.

Data AmountValidityPrice (USD)
Unlimited data5, 7, 10, 15, 20, 30, 60, 90 daysFrom $19
Holafly eSIM Singapore Pricing

3. Airalo

Airalo is a global eSIM provider serving travelers in up to 200 countries, including Singapore. It boasts a strong reputation supported by over 150,000 reviews on the Google and Apple Stores, with an impressive average rating of 4.5/5 stars. However, its Trust Pilot rating of 2.7/5 stars based on 1278 reviews is comparatively lower, with some users expressing frustration over connection delays, though others found the process seamless.

To use Airalo, users must download the dedicated app, available on both iOS and Android platforms. Activation is straightforward, involving destination selection, eSIM installation, and activation. Airalo collaborates with major providers like Vodafone, Orange, and T-Mobile, ensuring reliable 4G and 5G connectivity across various countries, enhancing the quality of the user’s internet experience.

Airalo eSIM Singapore Pricing

Airalo offers six plans that vary in price based on data amount and validity. Below is a summary of all the plans they offer for travelers in Singapore.

Data AmountValidityPrice (USD)
1GB7 days$4.5
2GB15 days$6.5
3GB30 days$8.5
5GB30 days$11.5
10GB30 days$18
20GB30 days$26
Airalo eSIM Singapore Pricing

4. Nomad

Nomad is another reliable eSIM provider. Nomad specializes in serving travelers in Singapore but offers eSIMs that work in over 165 countries, including Japan, Europe, and the USA. They provide a range of plans to suit various budgets and travel destinations, and the setup process is seamless, requiring no contractual commitments. To begin using their eSIM plans, you need to download Nomad’s user-friendly mobile app, available on iOS and Android platforms.

You can then order your eSIM and activate it upon receiving the QR code in your email. Nomad enjoys positive user reviews, with an average rating of 4.5/5 stars from over 1,100 reviews on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. In Singapore, Nomad partners with Sintel, a leading carrier, to ensure reliable coverage and fast 4G LTE internet speeds across various countries, enhancing the user experience.

Nomad eSIM Singapore Pricing

Nomad offers several unlimited plans that you can choose from depending on the number of days you want to stay connected. Here is the summary of the different plans they offer.

Data AmountValidityPrice (USD)
Unlimited1 day$7.00
Unlimited3 days$15.00
Unlimited5 days$20.00
Unlimited7 days$25.00
Unlimited10 days$30.00
Nomad eSIM Singapore Pricing

5. SimOptions

SimOptions stands out as a global eSIM provider tailor-made for travelers seeking connectivity in over 200 countries, including popular destinations like Singapore, Japan, Europe, and the USA. SimOptions’ strength lies in its strategic partnerships with trusted carriers such as AIS, Orange, and O2, guaranteeing expansive 4G internet coverage across these countries. For travelers on the lookout for a dependable eSIM provider, SimOptions is a compelling choice.

With an impressive track record, SimOptions has earned the trust of its users, accumulating 20,000 positive reviews on eKomi with an average rating of 4.6/5. Additionally, it boasts 280 reviews on TrustPilot with an average rating of 4.1/5 stars. These reviews reflect user satisfaction with SimOptions’ cost-effective plans and reliable customer support. SimOptions is also known for its seamless eSIM activation process, taking just a few minutes once you receive the QR code in your email following your order.

Like most of the eSIM providers on this list, Sim Options doesn’t require sharing personal information for eSIM activation, enhancing user privacy and convenience.

SimOptions eSIM Singapore Pricing

SimOptions offers five major pricing plans that vary in price depending on the data amount and validity. Below is the summary of what you will get with each of these plans.

Plan NameData AmountValidityPrice (USD)
Singapore 1GB1GB7 days$7.90
Singapore 3GB3GB15 days$14.90
Smart Traveller eSIM6GB10 days$17.90
Singapore 10GB10GB30 days$39.90
Singapore 20GB20GB30 days$64.90
SimOptions eSIM Singapore Pricing

6. Ubigi

Ubigi is a prominent global eSIM provider catering to travelers in more than 200 countries, including popular destinations such as Singapore, Japan, the USA, and Europe. Ubigi has garnered positive reviews from its customers, boasting an impressive 4.4-star rating on Trustpilot based on over 5,914 reviews. Travelers appreciate Ubigi’s eSIM services for their seamless activation process and the convenience of multi-country access, which is particularly valuable for those who frequently move between countries.

One of Ubigi’s strengths is the wide range of plans it offers, allowing customers to choose the one that best suits their internet usage needs. Ubigi’s eSIM plans to provide country-wide coverage and access to reliable 5G and 4G internet, ensuring travelers stay connected wherever they go. The activation process for Ubigi’s eSIM is user-friendly and takes just a few minutes after receiving the eSIM QR code via email. Notably, Ubigi’s eSIMs do not require contracts or sharing detailed personal information.

Ubigi eSIM Singapore Pricing

Ubigi offers various plans with pricing that varies based on data amount and validity. Check out the table below for the summary of their major plans in Singapore.

PlanData AmountValidityPrice (USD)
Singapore 1GB1GB7 days$8.00
Singapore 3GB3GB15 days$17.00
Singapore 10GB10GB30 days$39.00
Ubigi eSIM Singapore Pricing

7. Mobimatter

Mobimatter is another eSIM provider worth considering for travelers heading to Singapore. This provider offers a range of plans with competitive prices, making it an excellent choice for budget-conscious travelers. In addition to Singapore, Mobimatter operates in several other countries, including Japan, the USA, and Europe. Mobimatter collaborates with leading carriers in Singapore, such as Three and TsimTech, to ensure comprehensive coverage with robust 4G and 5G networks in all the regions they serve.

Mobimatter has received positive feedback from users, with over 695 reviews on Trustpilot and an average rating of 4.2/5 stars. Users praise Mobimatter’s eSIM services for their swift and efficient activation process, which does not require sharing personal information or downloading a mobile app. To activate Mobimatter’s eSIM, you simply need to place your order, and they will send you an email with the QR code and detailed activation instructions.

Mobimatter eSIM Singapore Pricing

Mobimatter offers several pricing plans that you can use in Singapore and several other countries. Below is a summary of some of their plans. 

PlanData AmountValidityPrice (USD)
Singapore Malaysia and Thailand 30GB30GB30 days$13.99
Singapore Malaysia and Thailand 15GB15GB30 days$9.99
Asia 11 Countries 30GB30GB30 days$40.99
Asia 11 Countries 30GB30GB60 days$52.99
Asia 11 Countries 20GB20GB30 days$32.99
Asia 11 Countries 10GB10GB30 days$24.99
Asia 11 Countries 5GB5GB30 days$14.99
Asia 11 Countries Short Trip3GB5 days$6.99
Asia 14 Countries 20GB20GB30 days$47.99
Asia 14 Countries 10GB10GB30 days$36.99
Asia 14 Countries Short Trip3GB5 days$8.99
Mobimatter eSIM Singapore Pricing

8. Maya Mobile

Maya Mobile is a well-regarded eSIM provider that offers its services in multiple countries, including Singapore. One of its notable features is its partnership with Singtel, a reputable carrier in Singapore, ensuring travelers have access to fast 4G and 5G connectivity across the country. The process of activating a Maya Mobile eSIM is straightforward and user-friendly. You can order the eSIM through their website, and they will send you a QR code via email for activation. Alternatively, you can download their mobile app, available for both iOS and Android platforms, to facilitate the activation process.

Maya Mobile’s eSIM activation process typically takes less than 10 minutes. This positive user experience is reflected in their impressive reputation and customer feedback, boasting over 1,933 reviews with an average rating of 4.6/5 stars. Travelers who have used Maya Mobile highly recommend it for its fair pricing and speedy eSIM setup. Importantly, Maya Mobile does not impose contract requirements or demand detailed personal information for eSIM activation, making it a friendly choice for travelers.

Maya Mobile eSIM Singapore Pricing

Maya Mobile offers five main plans with varying data validity and amounts. For more specific details on their plans and pricing, you can refer to their website.

PlanData AmountValidityPrice (USD)
Singapore eSIM 3GB3GB5 – 30+ days$7.92
Singapore eSIM 5GB5GB5 – 30+ days$11.88
Singapore eSIM 10GB10GB5 – 30+ days$18.48
Singapore eSIM 20GB20GB5 – 30+ days$33.00
Maya Mobile eSIM Singapore Pricing

9. AloSim

AloSim is another highly-rated eSIM provider that operates in over 170 countries, including Singapore, as well as several other countries in Asia, Africa, Europe, and America. AloSim collaborates with some of the leading carriers to ensure comprehensive coverage of fast 4G internet services. Getting started with AloSim eSIMs is a hassle-free experience. You can order the eSIM via their website or opt to download their mobile app. Your eSIM QR code will be delivered to your email, allowing for activation in just a few minutes.

AloSim’s mobile app maintains a strong average rating of 4.3/5 stars, reflecting the high quality of its services and user satisfaction. User feedback on Trustpilot, with over 36 reviews and an average rating of 4.0/5 stars, further validates the positive user experience. Many users who have reviewed AloSim commend it for its straightforward activation process and the flexibility to update your plan whenever necessary. AloSim’s user-friendly approach makes it a convenient choice for travelers seeking eSIM services in various countries.

AloSim eSIM Singapore Pricing

AloSim offers several pricing plans that vary in price depending on the data amount and the validity. The table below shows the summary of the different plans AloSim offers and the prices. 

Data AmountValidityPrice (USD)
1GB7 days$6.50
3GB30 days$14.50
5GB30 days$22.50
10GB30 days$33
20GB30 days$49.50
AloSim eSIM Singapore Pricing

10. Singtel

Singtel is a prominent telecommunications carrier in Singapore, offering eSIM services tailored for travelers. While Singtel provides the advantage of physical accessibility through its local stores, it differs from online eSIM providers in its requirement for customers to share personal information during the acquisition process.

To obtain a Singtel travel eSIM, users need to initiate the process by placing an online order, which triggers the delivery of a verification code via email. The registration of the eSIM necessitates the download of the Singtel hi!App, which is essential for eSIM activation and management. Once the registration is complete, Singtel provides customers with an eSIM QR code and a mobile number through email. However, this process is somewhat lengthier than the more streamlined procedures offered by online eSIM providers.

In terms of user experience, Singtel doesn’t have a presence on Trustpilot for customer reviews. Nonetheless, it has garnered over 220 reviews on Seedly (another popular review platform), averaging a rating of 2.7 stars. Common complaints revolve around customer support, with several users reporting unresponsiveness and unreliability even after multiple contact attempts. Some users have found that visiting physical Singtel offices may yield more dependable assistance.

Singtel eSIM Singapore Pricing

Singtel has 2 eSIM plans that are designed for travelers, and these vary in price depending on the data amount and validity. Both plans also come with free access to Facebook, WhatsApp, WeChat, and Line.  Below is the summary of the pricing and data validity of these plans. 

PlanData AmountValidityPrice (USD)
$50 SIM CARD120GB28 days$50
$30 SIM CARD100GB28 days$30
Singtel eSIM Singapore Pricing

11.  M1

M1 is a prominent telecom company operating in Singapore, providing eSIM plans specially tailored for travelers. Similar to other major telecom providers, M1 requires customers to furnish their user information for access to the platform and the acquisition of their eSIM.

M1 stands out by offering competitively priced plans that encompass 5G coverage across many of the country’s major cities. These affordable options make M1 an attractive choice for travelers who are open to dealing with the necessary registration process.

However, it’s important to note that M1’s customer experience, as reflected in online reviews, is not the best. With approximately 26 reviews on Trustpilot, M1 averages a rating of 1.7 stars, significantly lower than other service providers on this list. The primary source of dissatisfaction appears to be the reliability of their customer support. Many users have reported issues with responsiveness and reliability when seeking assistance from M1.

M1 eSIM Singapore Pricing

M1 has several plans that vary in price depending on the amount of data you need to the number of minutes. Having the calls option is great for those who intend to make off-internet calls. Below is a summary of the details of the different plans they offer.

  • 100GB from $15.95 with no validity limitation
  • 150GB from $18.85 with no validity limitation

12.  Circles.Life

Circles.Life is a telecom company based in Singapore, with operations extending to eight additional Asian countries. These countries include Bangladesh, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Macau, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, and Thailand. Circles.Life specializes in offering eSIMs tailored for travelers, allowing them to maintain connectivity while visiting any of the mentioned countries.

One of the standout features of Circles.Life’s eSIM service is its regional coverage. When you subscribe to any of their plans, you gain the ability to access the internet seamlessly across all eight countries in which they have a presence. This comprehensive coverage makes Circles.Life is an excellent choice for travelers planning to visit multiple Asian destinations, as it eliminates the need to switch or acquire new SIM cards when crossing borders.

Circles.Life eSIM Singapore Pricing

When it comes to pricing, Circles.Life offers only one plan that offers the following features;

  • 100GB for $30/month
  • Use data across Singapore and 8 popular Asian countries
  • 300 Mins Local (SG) Talk time
  • Free Incoming Local and Roaming SMS
  • Free Caller ID

13.  My Republic

My Republic is a Singaporean mobile carrier that offers traveler-focused eSIMs. Obtaining their eSIMs is hassle-free, as users can create an account on their website without the need for contracts, providing flexibility. My Republic’s service extends to select Southeast Asian countries, including Malaysia, Indonesia, and Thailand. While the carrier lacks substantial online reviews, it remains a viable choice for travelers seeking eSIM options within the region.

My Republic eSIM Singapore Pricing

My Republic offers several monthly plans that vary in price depending on the amount of data you need. Below is a summary of all their plans and pricing.

PlanData AmountValidityMonthly Price (USD)
5G Standard90GB+Monthly$17.95 (U.P. $22.95)
5G Plus110GB+ Monthly$19.95 (U.P. $24.95)
5G Ultimate7GB/day +Monthly$24.95 for first 6 months, $29.95/months thereafter
My Republic eSIM Singapore Pricing

Frequently Asked Questions about eSIM Singapore

These are some of the commonly asked questions about using eSIM in Singapore.

Which carrier has eSIM in Singapore?

Several carriers in Singapore offer eSIM services. Some of the major carriers providing eSIM support include Singtel, My Republic, and M1. Additionally, there are online eSIM providers that offer eSIM services in Singapore like ESIM SINGAPORE.

Can I buy eSIM online in Singapore?

Yes, you can buy eSIMs online in Singapore. Many carriers and online eSIM providers offer the option to purchase eSIMs through their websites or mobile apps. This provides a convenient way for users to obtain and activate eSIMs without the need for a physical SIM card.

Is eSIM good in Singapore?

Yes, eSIM technology is very reliable in Singapore, as it is in many other countries. eSIM offers advantages such as flexibility, convenience, and the ability to switch between different carriers or plans without needing a physical SIM card. The quality of eSIM service may vary depending on your provider and the specific eSIM plan you choose. So take a chance to use eSIM if you have an eSIM Compatible Apple iPhone, Samsung Galaxy phone or Google Pixel phone

Does Singtel provide eSIM?

Yes, Singtel, one of the major telecommunications carriers in Singapore, provides eSIM services. It also partners with several third-party online eSIM providers that are a great option if you need a seamless activation experience and reliable customer support.

Can I convert my existing SIM to eSIM?

The option to convert an existing physical SIM card to an eSIM depends on the carrier and the specific policies they have in place. However, most carriers, including those in Singapore, support this option. However, it usually requires re-registering your SIM. This may not be a viable option for travelers.

Is eSIM better than a physical SIM?

Overall, eSIM offers more advantages compared to physical SIM cards. eSIM offers benefits like flexibility, allowing you to switch between carriers and plans digitally. It also eliminates the need for a physical SIM card, making it easier to swap SIMs whenever you need to. Check the list of eSIM compatible phones first and then try eSIM for your next trip.  

Best Choice : ESIM SINGAPORE will be there for you 24/7 if you have any questions or concerns about using your eSIM in Singapore.


Now that you have all the information you need, you can pick an eSIM provider that suits your internet needs while traveling to Singapore. When making your choice, consider important factors like pricing, coverage, internet speed, user reviews, how easy it is to get and activate your eSIM, how reliable their customer support is, and whether you need to share personal information or sign a contract.

Considering all these factors, ESIM SINGAPORE stands out as our top recommendation for a reliable eSIM provider in this region. They offer a variety of plans, industry-leading customer support, and countrywide coverage, and have received positive feedback from customers. However, other providers like SIM Options, Holafly, and Nomad are also worth considering due to their positive customer reviews.

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